Finding out you’re expecting twins at the 12 week scan!

I’ve been wondering whether to publish the boys’ birth story seeing as you all know how E arrived in the world, but before I do that I thought it was important to share the day we had our 12 week scan and were blown away with the news that we were expecting twins…I wrote this post over a year ago for a blog hop, but think it’s about time I added it to my own blog.

My boys

The day our world changed (1 st May 2009)

I lay on the bed and lifted my jumper, hardly daring to breathe. The sonographer squirted cold gel onto my barely-there bump and swished the scanner in the goo. Being pregnant had been the best diet I could have imagined; I’d already lost 10lb. Within two days of conceiving I’d started being sick and hadn’t stopped since. I tried to distract myself from throwing up by concentrating on the joy of seeing my baby. At least morning sickness (‘all day sickness’ seemed more appropriate) was supposed to indicate a healthy baby, or that’s what the midwife kept telling me…
“It’s twins,” said the sonographer, calmly breaking the silence. “There’s no easy way to tell you so I thought I’d get it straight out.”
She carried on prodding my tummy as though she hadn’t just landed an enormous bombshell. Husband squeezed my hand tightly and I squeezed it back, not daring to take my eyes off her in case she suddenly burst out laughing to tell us it was a joke.
“Twins?” Husband and I asked in shocked unison.
“Yes. There’s two babies there, look,” she said pointing at the screen. “Were you not expecting two?”
“Twins?” we both replied again. We looked at each other, unable to speak. 
Everything felt like it was running in slow motion. My heart felt like it was going to beat right out of my chest. I wanted to scream. Tears stabbed at my eyes but I tried to hold them in. The sonographer seemed to be taking it in her stride, as though it happened to her everyday. Maybe it did, but to us twins was massive.
We’d been dreaming of one baby for a whole twelve weeks, we’d planned the nursery, looked at prams…but twins changed everything. It felt like the rug had been pulled from under us. What we’d been expecting was wonderful; what we’d ended up with was the most amazing, precious, spectacular thing we could ever have asked for. It felt like finding out we’d won the lottery when we hadn’t even bought a ticket.
Husband and I didn’t look at each other again as our eyes were firmly fixed on the screen, watching our babies bounce in response to the nudge of the scanner. We were deep in our own thoughts, but joined together through a new bond that was greater than anything we’d expected. It felt like we were sharing something that nobody else had ever experienced. We gripped hands and counted our blessing as the pictures of our two perfect little beings were printed.
“You’re allowed double the number of scan prints for your money seeing as you’ve got two babies,” the sonographer told us proudly. Just one of the perks of expecting more than one.
 My boys
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6 responses to “Finding out you’re expecting twins at the 12 week scan!

  1. Lovely post, & that last 1 especially is a really special photo, just beautiful :)

    • Thanks, I love thinking back to the day we found out. And that’s one of my fav newborn pics of them cuddled together in their basket where they slept together for the first few weeks. x

  2. So sweet! Made me think of our ‘discovery’ scan, the most wonderful and shocking surprise. Seems like yesterday, doesn’t it?!

    • It’s amazing how many details of the day you can remember isn’t it? I love thinking back to it and how we broke the news to our families afterwards. None of us were expecting it as there are no twins we know of in my family. xx

  3. Now that brought back memories for me!

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