Potty training twins: Success at last!

Wohoo – potty training is finally complete! (I talked about potty training phase one phase two, potty training regression and potty training again last year). We tried T1 for a second time over half term and it was a success almost straight away. I’ve been hanging off blogging about it in case saying it out loud ruined everything, but I’m now confident the hard bit is over and I can start to enjoy my two big boys being out of nappies!

Giving him a big incentive seemed to do the trick – we promised him when he was in big boy pants and could use the toilet or potty that we’d all go to Peppa Pig World. That along with chocolate buttons and sticker charts. Waiting until he was ready was the only reason it worked though – potty training shouldn’t be a trauma for any of you (although being faced with potties filled with poo is a  pretty nasty experience, as is having a puppy who is rather fond of potties filled with poo).

If I have to ever utter the phrase “wee wee down, not up” ever again you have permission to shoot me.

This post *should* have been sponsored by jelly beans, chocolate buttons, Peppa Pig World and Ariel washing powder (but it wasn’t). Thanks to Dry Like Me for their help with the reward charts and the liners which helped me save on the washing powder.

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3 responses to “Potty training twins: Success at last!

  1. Amazing what timing and a little incentive can do! x

  2. We have triplets…this will be something we have to deal with soon…

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