Taking part in Shredtober: The ordinary moments #9

I’ve joined a bunch of other ladies taking part in Shredtober this month. It involves doing a 20 minute workout from the 30 Day Shred DVD every day for the whole month. I’m not particularly looking to lose any weight, but I want to get fitter because exercise (other than chasing after the kids) hasn’t been high on my agenda for the past four years.

Most of the time I do the exercises when the boys are in bed or at preschool, but last week I attempted to do it with all three kids and the dog running around me. E thought watching me jump around was hilarious and giggled at me the whole time. The dog kept trying to jump up and dance with me everytime I did a star jump. The boys kept trying to steal the tins of beans I was using as weights so they could show off just how strong they were. Whenever I did any stomach crunches they both ran around me in circles laughing, and the minute I got into a plank position (a bit like a press up position) they both jumped on me. It’s not very comfortable trying to hold up your own bodyweight with the added pressure of a pair of almost four year olds on your back.

After I’d finished, T2 started walking around the house lifting things and showing me just how strong he was. He was so proud that he could lift lots of E’s big toys, including her walker and her rocking dog. I had to stop him when he decided he wanted to lift the dog (who probably weighs more than T2!)

T2 lifting a rocking dogT2 lifting a walker


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5 responses to “Taking part in Shredtober: The ordinary moments #9

  1. I’ve been doing a little bit of the Shred too; I’d love to do it consistently but exhaustion and injury keep getting in the way, and it’s hilarious watching Kitty jump along with my “exercises”! I love the weightlifting – those rockers weigh a ton too!

  2. I did the shred for two days then stopped to go on holiday and never got back into it again. I love how it is so quick and easy to fit in with kids though x

  3. This is funny! Good on you for doing the shred, I did it for four days last month before getting a pulled muscle and then I ever got back into it. I wish I could, I really need too. Mads used to try and do the exercises with me if I ever did it when she was around. x

  4. I’ve done the shred a few times and have to cover the mirrors because the sight of me jiggling about just puts me off…….My husband has joined in too but can’t take Jillian seriously and sniggers while she says ‘the fear is leaving your body’.Never with the kids though that would add a whole new dimension!

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