The ordinary moments #10

My ordinary moment this week is from a rushed photoshoot in our living room. I was trying to get a photo to go with a guest post I’d written for the SnoozeShade website about surviving three under three.
My gorgeous three

When they asked me if I had some images to go alongside the post, I suddenly realised I have very few with all three together looking at the camera. As I started to snap away, I remembered why I have so few pictures of them all. It was a nightmare getting three small people to look at you at the same time, let alone getting them to smile!

This was a rushed moment before preschool. T2 is trying to peer around me to watch Tom and Jerry and T1 is giving a fake grin in return for one of the sweets I’d promised them if they smiled for me. E just looks baffled and Ted the labradoodle couldn’t resist getting in on the action. It’s not a brilliant photo, but it’s my perfect little family all together in one place and more or less looking in the same direction.


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8 responses to “The ordinary moments #10

  1. It’s a very cute picture! Photographing lots of children together for me is a nightmare. I try to do it with the wee man and his friends with little success.

  2. Ahh i think it’s lovely – they are a very good looking bunch! x

  3. I can imagine how hard it is trying to get three together, it’s hard enough trying to get two! And it is a gorgeous photo! x

    • Thanks! I need to make the effort to take more of them together, but it’s such hard work! Even professional photographers struggle as we had some pics taken recently. x

  4. Wow, 3 out of 3 looking at the camera, that’s photo gold! So cute with Ted getting in the pic too.

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