Where to visit Santa in Hampshire: The ordinary moments #17

It’s not really an ordinary moment because it only happens once a year, but this week my photo is from our visit to meet Santa at the Keydell Garden Centre in Horndean, Hampshire. I’m not sure who was more excited about it – the kids or me! Last year the boys were a bit scared of things (especially Santa!) but this year they ran around patting the snowmen, hugging the figures of Santa and stroking all of the real animals that were part of the attraction. E didn’t even show a flicker of fear as we sat her on the lap of this Santa model, she just stared up at him with big, wide eyes.

E sitting on Santa's lap

But I couldn’t chose just one photo, as we had so many lovely moments…

The boys meeting the Snowman My boys driving Santa's sleigh

My boys having a cuddle in the Winter Wonderland

After seeing the man himself, we were led into Santa’s toy workshop where they could pick their own presents. After being in there so long I almost gave up the will to live, the boys both ended up with racing cars and E got a pull along train.

We paid £9.95 each to visit Santa. The Winter Wonderland walk was free of charge. If you’re looking for somewhere to visit Santa, I think this was value for money. AND they had real reindeer. Although none of them had red noses, much to T1′s disappointment.

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10 responses to “Where to visit Santa in Hampshire: The ordinary moments #17

  1. Love that picture of E just staring at Father Christmas!! Looks like you all had a lovely time.

  2. Aw lots of happy moments in this post! I love the photo of E staring at him quizzically! ;) Mads wasn’t scared when we saw a father Christmas last week- I was surprised as I thought she totally would be! x

    • Ah bless her. T2 has always been terrified of Father Christmas. It’s really amazing how confident he has become this year. Although he still wouldn’t sit on the lap of the Santa model like E did for a photo! x

  3. Oooh, I am in Hampshire to :-) Absolutely gorgeous pics – looks like you had a fab time. Would defo take my kids here if they were younger.
    Love vicky

    • It was really good value for money. We did spend a lot in the garden centre afterwards though which cancels it out! They have so many Christmas decorations in their Christmas store, it would have been rude not to! x

  4. Oh I LOVE the hugging photo!

  5. We visited Santa at Longdown dairy farm in Hampshire and thought it was lovely. Glad you had a lovely time! x

    • We went there last year and had a fab time! The boys loved seeing all of the animals there. We’re lucky there are a few good places to go around here that don’t cost the earth. xx

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