A poem by the Writers at Lovedean for #TeamHonk #TeamSouthampton #SportRelief

To show their support for Team Honk and our Sport Relief fundraising efforts (which you can read all about here), the Writers at Lovedean have written #TeamSouthampton a poem. I’m very honoured. I *think* we may be the only team so far to have their own poem. If you enjoy it, please share it!

Scrabble tiles spelling Team Honk Sport Relief

What we could have done….

A naked calendar would be a good idea

But everyone ran away like startled deer

For people in need, we’d like to raise cash

Dance in the streets or sponsor a bath

We should have paraded in the street

Reading our poems and shuffling our feet

We could have jumped on the coach

Shaking buckets like cranks

But you were going to France

And only had francs

I could have shaved my head

But I haven’t got much hair

Or bought a one wheeled bike

And rode it anywhere

I’d jump off the top of the lipstick tower

But the colour just made me look a shower

I could have donned a jester’s hat

Given a vicious Rottweiler a pat

I could have sat in a bath of baked beans

Or slimmed down to a size ten jeans

I would have done a fifty length swim

But all of a sudden the lights went dim

I could have learnt to fly like Eddie the Eagle

Or tried to chase a hundred and one beagles

I should have trained harder to run a race

But I didn’t, I sat and stuffed my face

A sponsored bonk would be an achievement

But I know without fail, it would end in a bereavement


Instead I wrote a poem

Thanks so much to the Writers at Lovedean for their support and their fantastic poem. They donated their time and creativity to write this for us. What will you do?


If you live in the Southampton to Worthing area, we’d love you to get involved. Please read this post to find out more. Watch this space for full details of our plans in the next two days.

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4 responses to “A poem by the Writers at Lovedean for #TeamHonk #TeamSouthampton #SportRelief

  1. Love this, so original. Well done Lovedean writers.

  2. This is brilliant!!! thanks so much

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