Ten things you should say to someone expecting twins, and ten things people actually say

Finding out you’re expecting twins is life changing. Everything you’ve expected from your pregnancy, birth and even the rest of your life has to adjust to the bombshell. Knowing what to say to someone who has just found out this groundbreaking news can be tricky, especially if you’ve never had multiples yourself.

Pregnant belly

This isn’t me by the way – I was gigantic and put on well over five stone when expecting my boys!

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Our skilled independent visa for Australia has been granted!

We’ve just had some fabulous news…

Sydney Harbour

Our skilled independent visa has been approved, which means we can move to Australia as soon as we like!

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The best thing about having twins: The ordinary moments

In case you can’t tell, I love having twins. From the second I found out I was expecting two babies instead of one, I never had any doubts that it was going to be incredible. I never take for granted how lucky I was to carry my boys to full term, as I know too many others who weren’t so lucky. Humans are designed to carry one baby; accommodating two puts such a strain on your body and when I look at my boys I’m still amazed they both managed to come out of 5-foot-tall me!

Anyway, over the years I’ve seen my boys show the cutest of traits. If I give one a sweet, he’ll automatically give it to his brother; if I threaten to leave one of them at home because they’re dawdling while I’m trying to get them to pre-school for the ridiculous 8.30am start, the one who is ready to go will scream hysterically and drop to the floor to protest that I’m not allowed to leave the other behind; and some days they work together as a tag team to pull the wool over my eyes (this usually involves using their keyboard stool to climb up to reach biscuits in the kitchen while one is on lookout duty).


The negative comments I’ve had over the years (which far outweigh the positives, unfortunately) mean nothing to me – yes, it is challenging, and financially difficult (always having to buy two of everything with no hand-me-downs) but certain moments remind me more than ever how blessed I am.

When we first moved them into beds, just before they turned two, we’d usually find them cuddled up together when we came to check on them. It hasn’t happened for a while, and I’ve been sad about this because it means they’re growing up and are one step closer to wanting their own bedrooms and their own space. But last week, they started it up again and almost every night since they’ve ended up in T2′s bed together. Out of everything, I think these moments melt my heart the most.

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Review: Hotel Chocolat hand cream for Mother’s Day

Although I’m not a believer in cosmic ordering – that is, asking the universe for something in a positive way and hoping you receive it in return – I almost started to wonder a few days ago. You see, I tweeted asking beauty bloggers to suggest some hand creams I could try. I’ve been washing my hands constantly lately due to the kids being ill the entire winter and I felt it was time I treated myself to something a bit luxurious. A tube of hand cream Anyway, the next day I received an email from Hotel Chocolat asking if I’d like to pick something to review from their Mother’s Day range, and guess what was at the top of the list?! It was obviously meant to be. Continue reading


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Emigration update: We have a case officer!

This is how we’ll be spending our evening…


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Sibling love: The ordinary moments

I couldn’t pick one ordinary moment from the last week as there were too many good ones, so you’ve got two instead! Both are along the theme of sibling love.

The first is a cute kiss between T1 and E. A while ago, she started giving really big kisses to everyone. She hasn’t figured out you put your lips together to kiss, instead she comes at you with a wide open mouth. When she’s planted her kiss (half of it over your nose) she leans back and says “Bah”, giggles and then comes back for another one. This process gets repeated until she’s all kissed out. As you’ll see from previous posts, it’s usually T2 who is more affectionate with her. In this photo, T1 is the one giving her a kiss, which makes a nice change to him telling her off for stealing his cars.


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20 Life hacks for parents of twins

Seeing as life hacks seem to be everywhere at the moment, I thought I’d write one that might be useful for someone with twins. Having multiples can be mentally, physically, emotionally and financially challenging, but it’s also one of the most rewarding experiences too. Be kind to yourself and simplify your life, so you can enjoy all the best bits without the stress.

Here are my life hacks for parents of twins

1) When your little ones are still a bit too small to fit in the swings at the park, put them in back-to-back. They fill up the seat perfectly so neither can slide out!

Twins sitting in a swing together

The perfect fit

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My children are growing up! The ordinary moments

I managed to catch my cool duo before they went to their first birthday party ON THEIR OWN! Yes, that’s right, they went to a party and I left them there!


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Why we’re emigrating: A letter to my children

Dear kids,

I thought I should write to explain why we’re taking you to the other side of the world. I know you’re looking forward to escaping this rain and seeing the dazzling-white beaches we’ve shown you in the pictures, but I know you don’t really understand what it all means yet. To be honest, many of the grown ups around us are struggling to get their head around our decision. I just want to make sure you to grow up knowing why we did it.

You see, before any of you arrived, your daddy and I went travelling…

Man and women with cocktails

This is how your mummy and daddy looked before you arrived.

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Baking with the kids: The ordinary moments

I’ve said on here lots of times, I’m not a fan of messy play and we don’t do nearly enough of it at home (that’s what preschool is made for, right?) But I adore baking with the kids, especially on rainy days. It’s challenging with two children of the same age to supervise, but it’s really lovely to be able to have fun in the kitchen with them now they’re old enough to help break eggs and mix ingredients together.


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